less pain...
more life
Patricia R. Grant, M.D.

Chronic pain drains the life out of you. 

Pain is the unpleasant physical sensation we feel when part of our body has been damaged though injury or disease.  The nerves (pain receptors) in that part of our body send powerful signals to our brain telling us that something is wrong.  We feel that sensation as pain: sometimes burning, sometimes sharp, sometimes dull, but always as an unpleasant hurt—one that we wish would just go away.  Nature has given us the pain response to protect us and to serve as a warning signal to us so that we can take some action to heal the part of us that is wounded. 

When a pain comes and lasts a short time until we heal, we call that an  “acute” pain.  When the pain remains for long periods of time, perhaps because we have an injury or disease that cannot be cured, we call that a “chronic” pain.  Such pain can make our lives miserable on many levels. That is where “suffering” comes in.

What we experience physically as "pain" is experienced, emotionally and psychologically, as "suffering". Suffering is also something we associate with a pain that is experienced for long periods of time. 

I can help by providing you the very best in medical treatment to relieve as much of the physical sensation of pain as possible.  I'll also work in partnership with you and other professionals to help you reduce your suffering. 

Less pain...less suffering...more life! 
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